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How to Make a Jelly Sandwich

After listening to the Peanut Butter and Jelly song, the students made their own jelly sandwich.  That was the fun part!  Next came our writing project: How to Make a Jelly Sandwich.  The students have been working on organization writing: telling the sequence of events in order.  Parents, you’ll have to wait to see these at our upcoming Celebration of Learning on April 17 (3:00-6:00 p.m.) and April 19 (4:00 to 7:00 p.m.).

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Science: Senses

How to Protect Our Eyes and Ears

We have been learning about the five senses in science.  We know that there are certain things that we can do to protect our eyes and ears, which are the senses we rely on the most.

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Reader of the Week: Acacia

During our Read to Self Time, I overheard Acacia practicing one of the books she had read to me just a few days earlier.  What really surprised me, was the expression she was using in her reading.  The second thing that I was proud of, was that she read the whole time.  When she finished one book, she began reading another.  She had a number of “just right” books in her box and was able to read for about 20, while reading the WHOLE time.  Great job, Acacia! You are a reader!!!  Please take a moment to listen to Acacia’s reading of “Blackberries”. 

Click here to listen

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Math Strategy: Adding Ten

____ + 10 = ____

Today we learned the strategy of adding ten to another single digit number.  The students practiced this skill by playing a game called Bump +10.  This is a simple game that can be played at home.  The students are masters at adding 10! 

At the end of our lesson, I asked the students to share the “Trick” for Adding 10.  Here are some of their comments:

10 + 4 = 14   First you  keep the 1 from the tens (10). Just put the 4 behind it.   (Chace)

10 + 4 = 14  Take the 0 away from behind the 10, and put the 4 there.   (Tyler)

10 + 5 = 15   The other number takes the 0’s place.   (Sam)

Adding 10 is really quick!  (Matthew)

Here are some pictures of us playing the Bump +10 Game!

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Polar Bear Writing

We are finishing up our Unit on Polar Bears.  The students have been learning about Non-fictional Writing.  We wrote about Four Polar Bear Topics:  Where Do Polar Bears Live, Polar Bear Families, Polar Bear Adaptations, and What Do Polar Bears Eat.   Students wrote 3-4 sentences of factual information for each topic.    Please check out some of our writing samples.  You will notice that we are working the following:

  •  letter formation

  • using the word wall/words from our brainstormed Polar Bear List of Words 

  • capitals

  • periods

Each child has a writing sample in one of the four sections below.

Polar Bears

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Tulips in March

Our Tulips were almost uncovered from the snow, and then DUMP!  We have had a ton of snow this week.  So much in fact that school has been cancelled for two days (Tuesday and Wednesday).  Here are some pictures from Monday.  The snowflakes were big and the students had  fun playing in the snow!  You can also see how much snow there is around the tree.  The tulips were planted under the tree.  Spring may be a ways off in our community!

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